Based in Sacramento area, Astra Health Solutions is focused on creating technology & data driven applications that democratize health care.

Astra means weapon in Sanskrit. Astra Health Solutions goal is to create multiple weapons to improve overall access to quality medical and dental care.

Since formation a few months ago, following applications have already been developed:

Open2Care: https://open2care.com/

This application connects medical and dental care centers directly with users who are looking for: improved access to care, nearest care centers identified with available appointments, online booking, reduced wait time, avoidance of crowded ERs and higher confidence gained from experiences shared by other users. Benefits to care center include: improved appointment management, real-time ability to add (or remove) time slots, listing of cash prices, pre-appointment information for advance preparation and overall, better accessibility and experience to their customers.

Online Dental Consult: https://onlinedentalconsult.com/

Online Dental Consult believes in the use of technology to allow for better communication and transparency. Most patients have simple questions about what can be done, the time commitment and most importantly, the cost. Online Dental Consult was developed to provide a digital platform where it is seamless for patients to connect with qualified dentists. Questions and concerns are addressed efficiently and importantly, time is respected.